Our Day at CBeebies Land

The week before last, my husband and I decided it was time to treat our eldest boy. We’d been given free tickets to visit Alton Towers by friends who’d recently been and we thought it would be nice to treat our big boy to a baby-free day. In terms of value for money, I feel I can’t really comment. I understand the issue of policing people only being allowed in a certain area, but to pay a full price Alton Towers tickets just to visit CBeebies Land feels a little extortionate. 

Now, I have to state that we have been thoroughly spoilt when it comes to theme parks, having been to Walt Disney World in Florida, so there were a couple of times when my husband and I exchanged glances and muttered “that wouldn’t happen in Florida!”

BUT on the whole we had a great day! We chose one of the hottest days of the year which didn’t help but it didn’t hinder too much either. There’s plenty of shade and we never felt like we were forced to be in the sun. 

We began our day with a visit to Mr Tumble’s sensory garden which was followed by a trip on the Treetop Adventure ride (formerly the Squirrel Nutty ride, if you’re an old schoolAlton  Towers fan!) both of these were fun and entertaining for our two year old. We skipped the Octonauts roller coaster as we felt he wasn’t quite ready for something like that. Maybe in a year or so. 

We also rode the Numtums Roundabout, visited Charlie and Lola’s House and travelled on the In the Night Garden Boat Ride. All enjoyable, although I’m sure the Boat Ride could do with a bit of Disney-esque magic – the Ninky Nonk would be better if it moved, Upsy Daisy would be better if she waved, little things like that which would make a massive difference to the feel of the ride. 


Lastly we went to eat our lunch and wait for the live ZingZillas show. Our two year old adores the ZingZillas and his second birthday had a whole ZingZillas theme so, naturally, this was to be the highlight of the day. And I have got to say, it didn’t disappoint. Despite being the the hottest day of the year and those poor guys having to wear what must have been sweaty and hot monkey costumes, they danced with full force and all the kids loved it! I think our little guy was in awe. 

They had a quick 10 minute break and then came back out for a meet and greet (we were first in line!) An awesome end to our day out.   

 Ultimately, I would say we explored around two thirds of the area, so there’ll be plenty to do in a year or two’s time when the other baby is big enough to want to visit as well. We went for free, so for us it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t pay full price, and I would struggle to believe that half price tickets are worth the small amount of attractions that you actually get to do with a two year old in tow. BUT, we had a a really fun day, got to spend some quality time with our biggest boy, taking him on new adventures including meeting his favourite TV characters. So maybe I would pay half price to take both boys in a couple of years. There may be more or newer attractions then too. To have something like this so close to home is really great and I’m thrilled we got to visit and enjoy it as a family!

If you’ve been to CBeebies Land, I’d love to hear what you thought of it, and if you can tell me about Thomas Land or the Peppa Pig theme park, even better! I’m always up for hearing about great family days out. Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read – take a look around to find posts on other parenting issues like the “Mummy Tummy” or being a family of four. You can also find me on Facebook at facebook.com/mumwriting or on Twitter at @mumwriting. All of your likes, shares, comments and retweets are appreciated – you’re awesome!


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