Mummy Wants to Exercise

My baby is over three months old now. I can’t get over how fast it’s flown by so far. But as the dust settles and the haze of sleepless nights and constant feeding retreats, I’m left to look more clearly at what’s going on around me. And what I find are a few things I want to change. 

One of my Bucket List goals for 2015 was to be back to my pre-baby weight by the end of the year. Immediately after baby I thought that would be an easy goal to tick off. I seemed to weigh less than I had before I got pregnant. However, a lack of discipline, bad food habits and holidays have led to a sudden gain that I don’t like. 

So Mummys, what to do with a “Mum Tum”? At home exercise DVDs, running in the park, Cave Training… The options are endless, and confusing. 

I’ll be trying a few different things and you can be sure I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s likely to be an intriguing and hilarious pursuit as I am the most unfit and inactive person on the planet. Let me know how your experiences of losing weight have gone as I endeavour to shed those pounds and that unsightly muffin top!!

Thanks for reading! I’m also around on Facebook at and Twitter at @mumwriting. Come find me! Thanks for journeying along with me on this crazy ride of motherhood. Every like, share, retweet and comment means a lot!


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