Gossip Girl, sleepless nights… Oh, and a baby!

 So… It’s been a while! But for all who we’re waiting and wondering, if you haven’t already heard, we added another little boy to our bundle on the 31st March! A scheduled induction due to medical issues that resulted in a hard and fast labour and a baby boy who shot out like a rocket (though I distinctly remember saying “I don’t think I can push one more time”) resulting in a beautiful miracle who doesn’t sleep. Or at least, doesn’t sleep during the night!

I’m tempted to write my birth story this time, because I didn’t with my first, but I don’t know of people like reading that sort of stuff! And I would never impose that on any still-pregnant lady, although funnily enough they’re often the ones who want to hear those stories the most!!

But in between the marathon sessions of Gossip Girl that cover the marathon middle-of-the-night feeding sessions, I thought I should at least let you all know I’m alive and well! With three amazing boys who I love with all my heart. Outnumbered indeed, in the best possible way. 

So expect posts on how breastfeeding the second time around is completely different to the first, ways to settle a newborn that do (and don’t) work, what it’s like having two under two (for at least a couple of months), and how wonderful my boys are and how life would be so amazing if I could just sleep for more than two hours straight!

Thanks for reading! Come find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/mumwriting or on Twitter at @mumwriting and let me know what else you’d like to hear about! The first few weeks with a new baby at home are full of things people are Googling every day at 2am!! I’d be happy to add my voice to the list of opinions! 


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