Reality Setting In – 32 weeks and counting…

I’m registered with the What to Expect website, have the book and use the app when I forget how many weeks I am (apparently with baby number two it’s less “counting down the days” and more “where did the days go?”) Every so often I get an email from them. I usually delete it without reading them – after all, I read them all meticulously with the first. However, recently things have started to catch my eye.

Other mums due in April are packing hospital bags. If I’m 100% honest, packing a hospital bag hadn’t even crossed my mind yet. I mean, I haven’t been out to buy maternity pads yet or washed any baby clothes in readiness.

All of our baby clothes are in the loft.

The ridiculous amount of preparation that was a part of the build up to baby number one has drifted with baby number two. We said we were going to get our big kid in a bed before the baby arrived… no bed yet. Infant car seat? Loft. Pram attachment for pushchair? Loft.

The one thing I have done is ordered baby nappies – there was an offer. But only size 2 so we’ll probably want some smaller ones first anyway. I bought a nursing top to take into hospital with me. But only because it was on offer in Aldi. And now people are packing hospital bags.

Who are these people? And do they have two toothbrushes? Do they have special “hospital wear” that they can pack now and know they won’t need until then? Do they have an extra comb?

The other thing that I noticed the other day? Pain in my pelvis. Not in my ribs anymore, as has been the case for the past couple of months. Pain at the bottom, not the top. We’re moving downwards folks!

I got the gym ball out because it eases so much of the achiness and, when I can get it off my child who thinks it’s hilarious to throw around a giant ball, it’s really helpful. But I don’t think we actually bought the gym ball the first time around until at least 35 weeks and my stomach is definitely bigger now than it was at this stage last time.

“Have you got everything ready?” is the question people like to ask at the moment. “No!” The answer is no, because in my head I’m still somewhere between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant and think I have all the time in the world. I don’t even have anywhere for the baby to sleep yet. We could use the Moses basket from last time but if he’s another whopper he won’t fit in it very long and I’m not putting a 12 week old in a room with a two year old! I’ve been looking at BedNests but haven’t ordered one.

In fact, I’ve done nothing.

32 weeks and counting…

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6 thoughts on “Reality Setting In – 32 weeks and counting…

  1. I think you worry less and less with each pregnancy. Mostly because your time is not your own anymore. I found with number 5 the two days of nesting before the birth is more than enough time to get everything done.

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  2. Ooh gosh, I love these last few weeks of anticipation and as a naturally ‘laid back’ (read: unorganised) person I would suggest you’ve still got loads of time 😉 At least you know where everything is…the loft!!

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you’ve had a great week xxx #Thelist

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