Past the Rain – An Encouragement

Look past the rain.

Look beyond the upset, tears, tantrums, lies, hurts, heartaches and pain.

Look past the clouds.

Look beyond the confusion, awkwardness, loneliness, distance, stress, shyness and solitude.

There’s more behind the mist.

There’s more to life than this, than what you know, than what you think you know.

Step into the sunshine.

Step just once, be brave. Be bold and courageous and more than you think you can be. You are better than you know.

Something beautiful lies ahead.

Something more amazing than you could have imagined, hoped for, dreamed of or wished about is on it’s way.

There’s a rainbow. No, wait, there’s two.

There are blessings more abundant than the world has ever shown you before. You just have to look for them.

Look past the rain. Because the rain will come.

Some days it will fall harder than you thought it ever could.

But look past the rain. Because there’s a rainbow up ahead. There might even be two.

Thanks for reading! Today’s post was just a little encouragement along life’s ridiculously twisting path. I hope it helped. You can find me on Facebook at or Twitter at @mumwriting. Keep that chin up – Happy Monday!

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