Friday Five 30/01/2015

Five Reasons Why Snow Days Make Me Feel Like a Bad Mum.

Having worked in a school for the last four and a half years, I know the flurry of excitement that snow days can cause amongst staff and students. We are constantly on “snow watch” and love it when we get the early morning text to say school is closed.

However, then starts the Facebook mass of snowman photos and pictures of kids all togged up in hats and wellies, having selfies with parents and basically enjoying life to the maximum. But all of these add to why snow days make me feel like a bad mum.

1) Snow days become pyjama days.

I’m sorry, but the idea of getting a 20 month old all dressed up in wellies, a hat, gloves that don’t fit properly and and all-in-one snowsuit, just to mess about with cold water for 20 minutes until he gets too cold, complains and wants to come in is not appealing to me. Sitting in our pyjamas figuring out how to TiVo episodes of Zingzillas and having cups of tea appeals to me.

2) My Instagram Snow Pictures should all be entitled “The View From the Window.”

They will be there. You will find them. But they will be views from windows and not selfies of me and my boy outside looking cold and wet.

3) I Do Not Want to Build a Snowman.

Let me make this clear. I do not want to build a snowman, I do not want you to sing the song with me or for me to sing it with my child. That song has probably increased my bad-mum-snow-day factor as it actually makes me not want to even listen to the Frozen Soundtrack (a favourite in our house!) I would rather sing anything else.

4) I am dreading snowy school runs.

I’m no where near that yet, but I am absolutely dreading getting two boys up, dressed, and snow-geared amongst snowy excitement. And so many parents seem to get there only to find schools shut or get home to realise they have to go back to pick them up!

5) I don’t want to do snow crafts.

I love Pinterest but I hardly use it for stuff to do parenting. Why? Because parents like to show off on there about all the snowy crafty things they’ve made. An igloo or a food colouring rainbow or icy balloon spheres. No thanks. Show offs. Want to know why we’ve done so far? Eaten breakfast, watched Bing and the Zingzillas, I’ve had a cup of tea, taken one photo out of the window and for us, that’s a snow day.

Later, we’ll get the blanket out, maybe try making a cosy fort or doing some sticker books. We will probably only make it out of our pyjamas if someone texts to say they’re coming over. But even then it’ll probably only be me that gets dressed. No cares if your kid is still in pyjamas. Time for another cup of tea.

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