Friday Five 23/01/2015 – Five things no parent wants to hear after making a hot drink…

Massive apologies for missing a blog on Wednesday. It was my first missed blog since I re-started in January and it made me very sad. BUT I was off work unwell so I had good reason. Anyway, today’s Friday Five…

Friday Five 23/01/2015 – Five Things No Parent Wants To Hear After Making a Hot Drink

1) Any sort of noise from a baby monitor.
Sorry, but nap time is for parents. Today I intend to have a shower, eat a chocolate pudding that’s in the fridge and then have a nap myself. So noise from a baby monitor will not help any of those things get achieved. It seems like every time parents sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, that monitor starts flashing. Not sure why it works like that, maybe there’s a fault with all baby monitors!

2) “Cuddle!”
One of the cutest words to come out of a toddler’s mouth, but not when you have a steaming cup of coffee. And not matter how many times you say the words “hot tea”, the word “cuddle!” comes back at you.

3) “Peppa Pig! (Followed by either “please” or a stern look from your two year old depending on their manners!!)
We can’t be the only parents dealing with the ‘Peppa Pig Problem.’ In fact, I know for certain we’re not! But when you just sit down to watch perhaps the one programme you ever watch during daytime hours, you can be sure that’s when they’ll ask you to switch the scart over (if you’re as technically challenged as we are!) or to get up and find the DVD remote that’s been hidden between some sofa cushions somewhere… Bye bye hot drink!

4) “VooVoo ate my car.” (Followed by tears)
Now, I got this particular phrase from the programme Bing. But so many phrases can be inserted instead! There are a million and one silly reasons why toddlers cry. They make no sense to us, in the real world, who have important things like tea and coffee to drink. But to them it’s the world. So everyone else’s world has to stop. Now. Before the tears turn into something more extreme. And the world ends. And life can no longer go on. (I’m sure you get the idea!)

5) “Mummy”/”Daddy”/”(Insert cute toddler name for parent here)”
You love them, you really do. But that drink… oh how that drink would have been lovely! But you’re needed – for one more story, or kiss, or to play shops, or to find the missing plastic banana or to give a kiss and stop tears.

Hot tea and coffee is a luxury many parents these days go without. But, you know, first world problems and all that! We’d give it up every day in a flash if it was a choice between coffee or those kids. Probably.

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