Friday Five 09/01/15

Five Ways in which I try to keep my house organised…

One thing I know both mums and writers are notoriously bad at is staying organised. I struggle with that issue both as a mum and as a writer! As a writer, t’s mainly staying organised in terms of keeping to a writing schedule and not letting myself just flop in front of the TV when I get a spare hour! As a mum, that job of staying organised seems to become massively overwhelming sometimes (and that’s only with one child… what will I be like when N#2 makes an appearance?!)

So I thought this week I would try to list five simple ways in which I try my best to stay organised and on top of things. And believe me, it’s not something that comes naturally to me!

1) Remembering to put the dishwasher on at least once a day.

Seriously, this may even be the most important of the five. If that dishwasher doesn’t go on, plates pile up and the kitchen becomes an absolute war zone to walk through. So my dishwasher goes on once a day and any ‘un-dishwasherable’ items will either get hand washed or will be neatly stacked until my husband comes home! But to be honest, I will pretty much put anything and everything in that dishwasher if I can find a way to fit it in. Yes, as you may have guessed, I’m lazy by nature.

2) Using a Planner.

This works as a writer and as a mum. As a writer, it helps me to carve out time to write, and by putting it down in pen I’m far less likely to find an excuse not to! There are odd occasions – tough days at work or other family situations – that will cause me to forgo that time but mostly if it’s written in, I do it. As a mum, a planner becomes useful to plan meals for the week, what nights we’re in or out (and therefore any babysitters needed) and even the little things like “When is there any time for me to shower?” Haha! It’s true, I write “Shower” as an item in my planner, usually as soon as N#1 has gone to bed so that I can enjoy my evening smelling of Radox!

3) Having a coffee machine with a timer.

Yes, I’m pregnant, but yes I still drink coffee. Decaffe or Half-caffe most of the time, but the working mornings would not run as smoothly without that timer. I set it, set out our travel mugs in front of it and by 7:30am are two gorgeous smelling cups of coffee ready to take with us. I think my husband misses it on the mornings I don’t get up for work! It’s also really lovely at the weekend to set it for a bit later (8:30am if we’re lucky) and enjoy the smell of coffee as we wake.

4) Antibacterial Spray.

Now, I may have a bias to adding this to my list, since I have tended to get a bit addicted to the smell of it in the later stages of both of my pregnancies, BUT… antibacterial spray is a good habit to have regardless. My kitchen worktops, the highchair and plastic cloth underneath it, the fridge door and handle, the cooker, the sink, and basically anywhere I can get to with a cloth! Keeping my family healthy is important, keeping food areas clean is important and keeping a pregnant lady happy is important! (Did anyone else have a weird smell-thing going on during pregnancy? I’m addicted to the smell of my Radox shower gel too. I could bathe in the stuff – and I might! My Dad said to me other day “Just don’t do anything stupid like drink it.” I promise I won’t Dad!) Antibac everywhere – it’s got to be good for you!

5) Put dirty clothes in the basket and not in a pile somewhere.

I’m a notorious piler – and by that I mean I make piles of stuff everywhere. It drives my husband crazy. Every six months or so I have to completely clear out my wardrobe and put everything back in on hangers because I just pile my clothes. However, one thing I always try to remember is to put dirty clothes in the basket. Whether they make it from the basket to the washer to the dryer and back to the wardrobe is another story but… it’s the thought that counts, right? And even if they don’t go the distance, at least they’re out of sight!

What are your tips for keeping organised, especially when you’re not an organised person by nature? Anything I should be doing daily that I’m not- as a writer? As a mum? At least I can say I try!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share, like, comment and give constructive criticism! Tell me your five things and give me tips! Find me on Twitter and Instagram at @mumwriting

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5 thoughts on “Friday Five 09/01/15

  1. When my kids were little, I did what I called the “basics” daily. 3 meals, dishes and laundry. No matter how sick anyone was or how tired I was, I did my best to do the “basics”. Once a week I tried to clean the bathroom and kitchen. Beyond that, everything else could just get done whenever.


  2. I have given up in certain areas of the house. Like our Master Bedroom with Brandon working a 12 hour night shift ad then sleeping during the day it is impossible to keep organized and clean. The dishes get done 3 times a day by whoever has kitchen and yes I make little lists. I have what I call a wall of organization where I have wired mail slots for everyone as wel as a list of phone numbers,our daily schedule,ad not only one but TWO whiteboard calendars !

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  3. Oh also each kid and adult has their own assigned laundry day. Anyoje over the age of 7 is capable of doing their own laundry(cept I do hubby’s) so if they miss their day they either miss out or pray the next day that who ever has laundry doesn’t have a crap ton.

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