Friday Five 02/01/15

So, here we are – the start of a New Year and all of that stuff. You know, you’ve already seen I’m not making resolutions this year! Just a Bucket List which probably includes more than I would have made as resolutions anyway! But the quote above is true – whatever happened last year, forget about it, learn from it, move on and move up. This blog had a false start, which you’ll see if you ever fancy a scroll back through the posts. I started, failed to keep up with the demands that I’d put upon myself, so stopped. And now here I am, Bucket List in hand, planner ordered and ready to start again. So this week’s Friday Five (to get you motivated and upbeat)…

My Top Five Motivational Quotes

They need no explanations, just take them in:




3) d581a2eddf6cea6bd6f43dfc57b008314)f40db9d18967eb70b10d49745965d6eeAnd 5) (my favourite…) f7fabcc886b0c82ba96e97ac986dc7c2Have love like that – light up the whole sky!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re feeling somewhat cheered and geared up now. I’d love it if you commented, shared, re-tweeted, liked, and maybe came back another day! All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks again for stopping by!




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