Writing in the Cold

So, a couple of chapters in to my first ever novel and the weather outside turns… frightful! Well, it could be worse, but I have noticed the study feeling colder and that’s where I sit to write. Is it just me or is it harder to concentrate when it’s cold?

The worst is trying to find the time to write during this season. It’s so busy with so much to do in order to prepare for Christmas. I had an hour yesterday that I could have squeezed a bit of writing in to but I needed to wrap presents for people we’re seeing tonight. The slow cooker is constantly on and cups of tea are flowing fast and free. And there’s LOTS more wrapping to be done.

As for character development, all my characters are feeling cold! Granted the novel is set in winter but I find them constantly talking about the freezing cold and feeling their pain. Writing a winter novel in the winter definitely gives a reality to everything.

How do you guys find the time to write? Do you schedule it in? As a mum, I try to make nap time a time to write but there’s often so much to be done around the house that it gets abandoned. My best writing days are days when I’m alone in the house, in the quiet. But as I said, the cold is starting to have an impact on that.

I was looking for a good planner to help me keep track of writing, being a mum an everything else in general but am struggling to find one. There are amazing planners out there, but mostly in the US and shipping to the UK is expensive, and slow at Christmas time. Anyone ever taken a regular notebook and created their own version of a planner?

I know I need to plan ahead, to block out time when I can write and not be worrying about what else is to do. I’d love to hear how some of you do it. Comment or get back to me at @mumwriting and give me some tips! Anything is helpful at such early stages of a novel where I just need to get pen to paper – or fingers to keys!!

Anyone else feeling the cold when they sit to write?


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