Mornings as Mum

IMG_2489.JPGOne of my favourite moments of my days with N#1 (my eldest child, 18 month old son) is the mornings. I sit on the sofa with my cup of tea and breakfast and he sits next to me with his bowl of breakfast and we have a quiet 10 minutes.

Occasionally, he decides my breakfast looks tastier and discards his own, peering over at mine saying “This.” But generally breakfast is his favourite part of the day, and mine. He’s most cuddly, most sleepy-cute and most chilled out.

It’s before any of the issues of the day arise. Any of the “no, you can’t just turn the TV on whenever you like”, “please don’t throw your food on the floor” and, most recently, “not that bauble!”

I don’t love him any less during those moments. They are teaching moments when I realise I’m being given the opportunity to shape and mould him and his little personality – not to make him more like me but to try and teach him morals and values. And that’s a privilege!

But I do love my quiet breakfast moments. When I sit, drinking tea, breathing in my baby and loving the feeling of his warmth sitting next to me. That’s when I feel that even 18 months down the line it still hasn’t quite sunk in…

I’m a mum.

(If you’re reading this, and have somehow found my blog, thank you! Your encouragement, even just in page views, means a lot! But I’d still love a comment or two πŸ˜‰

Bear with me as I get to grips with this blogging thing! My plan is to blog mum things on Monday, writing things on Wednesday and then my Friday Five – but please stick with me through the holidays if that doesn’t hold tight!

I’ve also just joined Twitter at @mumwriting so join me over there too! And obviously any tips or constructive criticism is welcome if you wanted to email me! Thanks again!


4 thoughts on “Mornings as Mum

  1. Popping over from our hustlin’ group…wanted to say hello and that you have a great start to your blog!
    Mornings are the best πŸ™‚ I have Sleepy little cuddlers too…my favorite part of the day!
    I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas!!


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