Friday Five 12/12/14

Five Things I’m Most looking forward to about Christmas this year!

Last Christmas N#1 was only 7 months old. He basically rolled around on the floor while my husband opened his presents for him and then he napped while we had breakfast and opened our own presents. It was sweet and quiet and special, being his first Christmas in this big wide world! But this year, at one and a half, he’ll start to get some understanding of the whole amazing time of year – my absolute favourite holiday! So, here are my five things that I’m most looking forward to about Christmas this year…

1) Christmas Morning. Teaching my boy the tradition of waiting on the stairs while Daddy goes to check if Santa’s been (in other words, switch on the lights and make lots of “Oooh”s and “Ahhh”s to build anticipation.)

2) The look on his face when he figures out what presents are. He still didn’t really get the idea of presents on his first birthday, but I have a feeling he’ll get a bit wrapped up in it all this year.

3) Nap time. Yes, I will still look forward to nap time, even on Christmas Day. My little bundle of joy is exhausting at this age, especially for a pregnant Mummy, and it will give me and my husband some quality time together.

4) Family gatherings. With Italian heritage, family gatherings are crazy, unpredictable, full of food and plenty of fun. I adore them, especially at Christmas.

5) The food. Oh my goodness, is there a lot of food at Christmas! And I love all of it, and now my baby boy gets to enjoy it all with me (I hope – food can still be a tricky subject where N#1 is concerned.) But I am looking forward to a full fridge and a full stomach!

That’s my Friday Five folks! What are you looking forward to most about Christmas this year?


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